You Didn’t Build That!

Mr. President,

I did build it. I invested my money, not the Government’s money, not some “great teacher’s” money, and with that money, my entire life savings at risk, I built it.

I did build it. I slept on the floor nights so that I could conserve the commute time, to and from home amounting to one hour each day. I worked till my eyes would no longer focus then laid down on the floor with a blanket and pillow. When the discomfort of the hard floor overcame my need for sleep, I woke to start again. Day by day, hour by hour, I built it.

I did build it. Sixteen years of my life went into reinvesting all the profits of my business. The many days away from home on business travel, the many evening meetings, early morning appointments and skipped meals. With the energy of my life I built it.

You Sir have built nothing. You vilify success and glorify confiscation and redistribution. You mock the values that built the greatest nation on Earth. You attempt to divide the nation with your rhetoric of hate and suspicion. You Sir would not know what it means to build a business. How dare you judge those who do?

I did build it Mr. President. What you fear most is that I might not continue to build it for you to steal from. You need my ability to create wealth, yet you revile it. You need me, fear me and want to cage me. You never will.

As for Mr. Buffet, I have a question for you, did you build it? If not, please tell us who did so we can invest with him.

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